Testing, testing, 1,2,3 . . .

So last night I launched a test series at Revolutions: The Night. I’ve done something similar before, but not here, and not as a Youth Pastor. Anyway, we are doing a video/small group thing for the month of June. The theory as that with shorter snippets of time in one place will keep the students focused when they need to be and give them some distraction and release time in between. Last nights ‘test run’ seemed to go off very well. We showed the Nooma video called “Trees” (which I’m sure some of you cringe at because it’s Rob Bell). Despite the fact that the video is aimed over the student’s heads, my small group had a good discussion, and from what I hear several other groups had a good night as well. So looks like a good plan so far, we’ll see how it ends up.


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