I had the chance to hang out with my cousins this weekend on Whidbey Island. Two of them are currently officers in the Navy. Ben, the youngest of the cousins, who is about my age (one month older). Was talking about his job. I don’t understand what he does, or even know his job title, but he does something with Nuclear reactors on the ship he serves on. He was talking about how if a project him and his team are working on goes wrong it’s a really big deal to the ship. I got thinkin’ to myself. If we mess up in ministry its only a big deal for about 5 minutes most of the time. We give a bad message, screw up a worship time, plan a bad event most of the time, we can shrug it off and just do better next time. It’s how we learn and become better at our jobs. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t take our jobs serious or strive for excellence. What I’m getting at is that we work with people, it’s easy to  mess up, mainly because people are messy and unpredictable. In my current role I’ve tried to do games, events and messages that would soar in other places but fell on their face here. So basically lets be thankful that if we screw up a Naval vessel (or wessel, that might be across the bay in Alameda?) won’t be in trouble. We can fix it more easily.

What is your biggest and/or most humorous ministry blunder?


2 thoughts on “Blunders

  1. So I remember back when I was in college I was in ministry with a good buddy of mine. And during the course of the summer all our students had kinda started their own festivities and we were pretty much without a drummer. So my buddy needed to get a handdrum or something that somebody could play on. And bam! Right in the middle of rehearsal for the adult congregation worship team, he snuck onto stage and took their djemebe. It was epic and people were mad for like… 6 minutes. 😉

  2. supermatt28 says:

    Hmm, if I recall correctly it was the Jr. High ministries Djembe, but yea, not a good move on your buddies part nonetheless!

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