Ministry is almost never what you expect it to be. I’m at my third church as a youth pastor, and 4th since really entering into youth ministry. I spent 4 years as an intern at my first church, which was a very positive experience, interning under two great Youth Pastors over this time. The down side is it set up my expectation got set to what this group was and did, 4 years is a long time in one place to cement expectations. Each subsequent job has been different. Although my second ministry was more like my internship ministry, it still had differences. Now I’m at my third church, and have been here for 9 months now, and it seems like I’m always surprised by what students get, don’t get, what works well and what doesn’t work well. I feel like I’m getting into a good groove in certain aspects, but still clueless in others. This ministry always reminds me how much I need to grow, and develop myself as a minister and leader, because no matter how experienced we are, ministry is never what you expect it to be.

What is your biggest ministry surprise?


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