I just arrived home (kinda I’m in my office right now) from Youth Quake. This is a 5 day intro to missions camp for Jr. High students. It is an amazing week. The ANW district sets up service projects and ways for us and more importantly our students to serve the area in which the camp is in. I watched the three guys that I took get their hands dirty and help wash cars and spread wood chips for the community of Newberg, OR. It was cool to see each of them grow a little every day. The hi-light for me has to be watching one of the guys step out as a leader. This guy (who I will not name right now) put his whole heart into serving this past week, he dug into the messages and even asked his fellow students a good question or two to help them dig into the material themselves. I love district events like this because it allows our students at MVAC connect with students from all over our district, and to see how much bigger the body is than just this little church. Another bonus is I get to see some old students, students from churches I’ve spoken at, or connected with, and some old friends.

Over all I’d have to say our group of 4 grew spiritually and mentally, served hard, and made some new friends that hopefully will be encouragements even from a distance.


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