To Save a Culture?

I rented the movie ‘To Save a Life’ this past week. I saw it in theaters and really enjoyed it. My wife Amy is planning on using a clip in her next message, so we rented it. We had some friends over and watched it together. I couldn’t help but just look for the ‘corny Christian stuff’. That I am used to seeing in Christian films. ‘To Save a Life’ is not your typical corny Christian film, it’s actually very well done. Very real, and has excellent quality. I would recommend it to anyone, with the warning, it is very intensely real. Anyway, is it a bad thing that I look for the corny in anything that is from the Christian sub-culture? Is that a bad thing? Or is it good, should I not be willing to settle for a faith community that produces corny media and culture? Thoughts?


One thought on “To Save a Culture?

  1. Ryan Crundwell says:

    I would say that we should be a culture that strives for excellence. Producing corny media and culture sounds to me like settling for mediocre, unless the corny is intentional ofcourse. The rest of the world strives for greatness in what they do, fine-tuning their music, making their acting ability that much better. This is not to say that that should be our focus but people are attracted things that it is obvious that the creator took great effort to make something well done. If we stick to corny and mediocre, i think we will fall behind the culture and turn some people off.

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