I am tired. Not tired of anything, just tired. I think in my effort to have a ministry that is active and growing I over did some things. When I look back at my ministry calendar since the students got out of school, there is at least one, if not more special events on the calendar every week! Most of these were free or extremely cheap. Each event I also recall those that attended, leaders, students and myself, enjoying greatly! I don’t regret any of the events. I am just coming to the end of what feels like a long (even though compared to every other ministry this ‘school summer’ is short) summer with a lot of things that happened. I am not burned out I just need a short breather, which is coming for sure. Despite the fact that I am tired, I am also satisfied and content with the job I have, and the work me and my intern (aka my wife, Amy) have done this summer. Both of us are tired and looking forward to our vacation.

Although with this vacation comes a bit of sadness, Amy returns to Simpson this fall for her last semester of school. This means another 4 months of separation while she is in Cali. The up side, it’s her last semester. So thanks to all those that have kept us in prayers this past year, those that read along and love us! We love you too.


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