I was struck by something odd today. Well mentally speaking. I’ve often wondered why God would allow people, like myself, to be emotionally “cold” if we are to be warm, accepting, and loving. It doesn’t always help. Then today a thought entered my mind. What if it’s not really ’emotionally cold’ but ’emotionally tough’. This world is full of pain and brokenness and yes the ‘bleeding hearts’ need to feel passion about those things. However, the emotionally tough will better be able to withstand the emotional toll this world has on them. Some of us, especially in ministry, take an emotional beating, and being ’emotional’ makes it harder to make it through that. For instance if I were ’emotional’ the situation with Yakima Alliance last year could have wiped me out. I could have called it quits and become a used car sells-man or something. I think God created me, and others, emotionally tough so that we could walk through stuff like that. I’m not saying I’m not closed off to my emotions or I ignore them, I just wade through the emotional stuff in this life better than the average person. Who knows maybe that’s a bunch of malarkey, and I’m sure some psychologist will have a field day with this post, but heh, whatevs I’m emotionally tough enough to take it.


One thought on “Unique

  1. jim says:

    this is awesome man

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