So, about every year I do this series on Pop-culture called “American Idiot”. So far I haven’t been in one place long enough to do it more than once yet, but I plan on doing it eventually. Anyway, I am always struck by how much music there is out there. And even more than that how much of it would be considered garbage at first glance by the Christian Sub-culture. What really is getting me this time around is how different the ‘local’ cultures can be from each other. Where the ‘national’ culture maybe hard-core into Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, a local culture may puke at the thought of listening to those artists. I think this is becoming more and more true as technology advances. Pockets of ‘pop-culture’ seem to be forming and creating even more sub-cultures. I would possibly label these ‘Pop-sub-cultures’. I remember when I was in HS you either were a ‘Rocker’ or a ‘Rapper’ meaning you were into Rock or Rap. Today it’s more complicated. Now that artists like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are young, cool and popular, while still doing Country music (or Pop-Country), and then there’s, Metal, Neo-metal, rock, grunge, rap, hip hop, R&B, Pop, electronic, techno, etc. Anyone person, or group could be into any mixture of these musics. Me? I’m still a ‘rocker’. If I can mosh and bang my head to it, I’d love to listen to it. I’m thinking about bringing a cultural aspect to this blog. In an older blog I used to write about new  movies, or album releases and let you, as parents, friends, and consumers know what I think about the latest and greatest (if you can call some of that stuff great). And most importantly how we can use it to redeem our culture and world!


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