Last Time!

I am writing from the Sacramento Airport, at way to early in the morning for a holiday Monday. Anyway, I am flying back to Seattle. I drove down to California with my beautiful wife Amy. Amy however is not flying back with me. She is driving today. But, she isn’t driving to Seattle or Renton, WA she’s driving to Redding, CA. There she will spend until December 17th finishing her degree. A degree she’s been working on for almost 10 years. She’ll finally be a college graduate, and I couldn’t be more proud of her, her hard work, and sacrifice to get this degree. But, sacrifice is definitely what it comes with, four more months apart as she finishes up her degree, and then (as far as we can tell) never again, we will be able to work side by side in Youth Ministry for as long as we are called there. So please pray for Amy in her last semester, and pray for us and our time apart.


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