Resident Evil: After Life

I’m not a big horror suspense movie fan, but this series has me hooked! I don’t know what it is, but in my humble opinion they get better with each film. This one was no different. It picks up shortly after the third one left off, so if you haven’t watched the third then do that first. You don’t necessarily need to see the first 2 to stay up to date, but they are good. Anyway, the film has a pretty good story. My buddies and I that went and saw where joking about how the ‘new’ characters all seemed expendable and for me most part that’s true. The major themes I see in here are the strength of the human spirit, and a search for one’s humanity perhaps. There is also that age-old need to have significant relationships. Even if you’re not into these movies or the games (I never played them) I recommend this . . . if you’re not jumpy or get scared easily, the graphics and special fx are amazing. Go see it . . . then keep your lights on for a few nights šŸ˜‰ I would not recommend this for your kids though, this is an adult only movie, mainyl because of the high quality of the effects it makes the ‘zombie’ apocalypse look very real. Language isn’t clean either, but as for sexual content it’s pretty much non-existent.


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