Easy A

What an intriguing movie. I haven’t been in HS in 8 years or so, but I can definitely remember what it was like watching this movie. I think a good movie that emphasis the HS experience can do that, especially the more recently you’ve been in HS. Anyway, if you’ve seen previews you know the basic premise is the main character Olive, pretends to sleep with someone so that they will not be made fun of or ridiculed anymore. This starts a snow ball effect that taints her reputation, but instead of running from it, she embraces it full on. Through out the entire movie there are no actual sex scenes and only once is their reference to a character really having sex. I would not take a young student to this movie. It is rated PG-13 but I would even wait until a student is 16 or older to see this movie. It’s not that the themes, or imagery is bad or scarring, but there is a fair amount of language in the film.

Olive’s relationship with her parents is very interesting. It’s more like they are her friends than parents. I think it’s what parents want to feel like. They never push her on anything, they do, however, show concern for her well-being. I get the sense that Olive, up to this point, is a fairly good kid, not getting into much trouble at all.

Some big theme’s or lessons in the movie:

Rumors can hurt you and those around you, even if you don’t think that they will, they do, eventually it catches up and hurts someone.

The truth will set you free. I don’t wanna spoil too much, but this idea is in there, I don’t know if they wanted to convey that idea, but it’s in there.

Guys are meat heads, and girls are stupid. I don’t think this is on overt one either. But the movie basically shows us that if guys think a girl is easy, they’ll do anything to ‘hit that’ as they say, and girls will hate a girl based on rumor.

The movie is funny, witty, and has a good story that pulls you in. I’d say venture out and go see this one.


2 thoughts on “Easy A

  1. Jeff Brumley says:

    Hey Matt- just took my 15-year-old daughter (and her boyfriend) out to see this, and your review was spot on. Really enjoyed it.

    • supermatt28 says:

      Glad that it helped, I thought it was good, I laughed, I cried . . . ok not really, but I did like the lessons you could glean from it.

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