A Week Later

Well I’ve been on the job hunt for about a week. I don’t know if I should be nervous I havn’t heard anything yet. Two of the jobs I did follow up with and they were managerless for the week so I’m gonna go back in today. Some others probably have high-volume, but not knowing if I will have another job come 2011 or not is a little nerve racking. I have been in pretty good spirits despite this. I blame this on my friends and the awesome people at Caffe Ladro, that I work with. This week starts another week of job searching and waiting. I am working a lot this week, (for being in training) and I am doing worship for a retreat, which worked out really well for me and the person who needed it. So things are chuggin’ along and going as well as they can be. I’m discovering that I feel happier with more face to face interaction with people as a barista, it’s not that I wasn’t happy in ministry, I think it was just that I always was in my office and didn’t seem to have a lot of human interaction, which was more my fault than anything. So life is good for being out of a job!


4 thoughts on “A Week Later

  1. Ryan Crundwell says:

    just fyi, when I quit from Victor in Redding it took me about a month to find the job I currently have in the same field.

    Also, I have two words for you. Pub Ministry.

    remember that dream?

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  4. Janice Braatz � says:

    Mantenga el retorno de la ll work.i bueno “a Menudo.

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