The Best Way to Worship

I started ministry in the Youth Ministry area. Most of you that read my blog know this and have followed my journey through that. During that time I also dabbled in leading worship and exploring that as well. I have discovered the best way to worship, want to know the secret? The best way to worship, the best style of worship is: FROM THE HEART!

In the past week I have been encouraged by stories of when I was either leading worship or just messing around with worship songs in a living room that changed someones life. The first is a story my father-in-law Steve Stinnette shared with me. A few years back Amy and I went to NC and VA for Christmas. While there, Steve and I pulled out our guitars (he had an awesome 12-string Martin, and I a lowly 6 string Ibanez Electric). Anyway, we were just playing worship songs and singing. I think all those present in the house had gathered to hear us play and sing. I was really just having fun playing with my father-in-law and worshiping away on the couch. Well little did I know that Amy’s cousin’s life would change. According to Steve, that morning God began to work in her life and she changed her life-style and began to go back to Church and to actively seek God in her life. Steve and I weren’t trying to change her life, we were just being followers and worshipers of Christ an a truly authentic way, FROM THE HEART!

The second story happened more recently. This past November I was invited to lead worship for a HS camp in Auburn,WA. Personally I was really excited because I was going to be able to do Youth and Worship Ministry at the same time, and it was my first camp leading experience. I spent a lot of time picking out song, sending song and set lists to the youth pastor and trying to make everything fit together. I did a lot of planning, hoping that God would use my and my guitar to lead these students in a truly authentic experience. Well God did use me, students worshiped and connected to God. That’s not the point of the story though. The last day, we had just finished communion and I wanted to finish communion with the song “Wonderful Maker” by Matt Redman. I almost always comment on the line from the song that says “With the heart of a Father.” The reason is because with the state of the world, it is more than likely that someone in the crowd has had a crappy father. Well I shared this, and then lead the song, and prayed about God being our savior, creator and perfect father. Later I found out a girl whose father was not very good to her and her family, and had ended his time as a father in the most terrible way was deeply moved by that song. I was just reminded again today that, that song changed her perspective on God and what a true father should be. All because I worshiped FROM THE HEART!

Style doesn’t matter, song choice although important isn’t the most important, lead worship FROM THE HEART, and worship FROM THE HEART, and God will work in and through you as a worship leader!


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