So recently (at least in my experience) I’ve noticed it’s popular for a worship leader or someone else talking about worship to say, “Worship is really Worthship to God. We are giving worth to God.” Now while I acknowledge that the etymology of the English word Worship has origins in the term Worthship. The old English word was Woerthip and it eventually evolved into Worship. I do however do not agree with the above statement. I might even go as far as to say it is a heresy to say such a thing. Here is why: God has worth whether we give it to Him or not. Our worship is “worthship” in a way, but not the way people say it. It is us acknowledging that God and God alone is worthy of our praise, our dedication and our service as well. So while “Worthship” is an accurate word, for it not only reflects the etymology of the word worship, it also describes our acknowledgment of God’s worthiness.

However, even without the worship of man God would not be lacking. God is the Alpha and Omega.


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