Liturgical Free Worship

I’m fairly new to the academic realm of worship, studying its ebbs and flows, and comings and goings, it’s fads and traditions. However, one thing I have noticed is that all worship services (or gatherings if you prefer) are Liturgical. I know that some of you ‘Free Worshipers’ will raise an eye-brow and take offense. I challenge you though, look back at your worship service/gatherings over the past year, 5 years, 10 years. I bet not much has changed to the structure. Depending on the church you open with some songs, announcements, maybe a skit/special song/intro video, then the sermon, followed by some songs of response, or if your church doesn’t do that a benediction and dismissal. Your service may vary a little from that, probably once a month you do communion, which then fits into your churches unique liturgy. Here’s the thing, liturgy is good. It gives us a framework to worship in our services/gatherings. It give us consistency, it helps us to prepare our heart. Yes the liturgy should change over time, and look a little different in 5 years, or more, but scrapping your churches worship traditions (another word that might scare people) and liturgical practices just because or for the sake of progress, that should set off some red flags and sirens in a Worship Leaders head.


2 thoughts on “Liturgical Free Worship

  1. Jeff Brumley says:

    Absolutely. The best churches are the ones who think liturgically in constructing a service – but the congregation doesn’t feel like they’re having to follow a script. Good liturgy gives shape to a service – an arc – which is properly used to tell the story better.

    • supermatt28 says:

      Interesting that you bring in telling a story, because that is exactly what we should be doing through our worship times every week. Retelling the story of God through images, music, and oration.

      Sometimes I feel that us ‘Free Worshipers’ do miss something by not having a more formal liturgy that we follow, or perhaps by not following the ‘Christian Calendar’ more closely. I wonder if there is more of a balance we can find.

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