PoW: Conclusion (or a neat little package)

Worship is commanded in the scriptures. There are commands to do this and that, to sing loudly, to be silent, to take a Sabbath. However, the one thing that isn’t commanded, but is evident throughout scripture is that in our worship God does not want us to go through the motions. Instead, He desires our hearts. In this paper I have done my best to cover all the areas I believe are important aspects of worship; I have tried to bring each issue back to our heart condition. The truth is the topic of worship is so expansive that I could not cover everything, partly because the limitation of my knowledge and partly due to the limits of this paper. I however, want to wrap up by remembering the story I told in the opening. When the worship leader leads from the heart lives are changed. At that camp I took two guitars and a microphone. I had a very basic sound system, no stage and no connection to the worshipers I was leading. However, because I worshiped and lead worship from the heart, the worship was meaningful, proclaimed the truth of the gospel, honored God and changed lives.


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