The Act of Brokenly Whole Worship

Cracked Mug

aThis past Friday I woke up early for my shift at work, it was a complete accident but I decided to go in early and take advantage of my seeming alertness to do some Bible reading. Anyway, the mug pictured above is ‘my mug’ I use it every time I go in, whether I work or not, I use it. This morning I was shocked to find a crack on it. Can you see it? Ignore the logo of the shop, there is an obvious crack running down the left side of the mug! I was disappointed to see it, still I put coffee in it to drink, and it held the delicious black liquid (which I did not add cream nor sugar, for as my Father has told me “Real men drink black coffee!” it’s true btw).

I was struck by this idea. This mug is like our worship. I don’t mean it has a logo on it, or it hold hot black liquidy goodness. I mean that our vessel for worship is cracked and broken. It is not perfect, but it still hold our worship. So in this metaphor the worship is the coffee, but the presentation comes from the mug, the mug is ourselves. We are cracked, broken, imperfect. This means really that our worship is too. The difference between us and this mug is, while over time this mug will get more cracks, and eventually break, if we focus our worship on God, if we focus our hearts on God, we will be made more and more whole.

The metaphor is imperfect, but the idea that I really want to convey is this: our worship is imperfect, but through the power of God through Christ, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, our worship can and is made valid and worthy of Jehovah! So brother, sister, so not stop worshipping because our worship is imperfect and our methods broken, worship all the more vehemently and authentically to God for he is glorified by it, and dwells within it! And through it we can be made more whole! AMEN!




3 thoughts on “The Act of Brokenly Whole Worship

  1. Dear Coffee Cup – get well soon lol
    Dear modern-postmodern, great blog!! Look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

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