So, to my disbelief, my father turned 55 this past June. As part of this he wrestled with the idea of retiring from where he has worked for 30 years. This past week he decided it was time to retire and enjoy life (by going to work somewhere else). When he turned in his letter to his supervisor his supervisor lamented the fact that no one in the company came close to knowledge on platelets that he has. According to my father his boss called him the Joe Montana of platelets and there was no Steve Young to fill his shoes (if you’re too young to know who those people are google it.) This got me thinkin’ about church ministry. According to my father the mindset of where he worked was to not spend the money training people to do the jobs that they will need done when the people doing them leave. “They’ll cross that bridge when they get to it” my Dad says. The problem is, “they’re never ready to cross it when it comes.”

This can easily happen anyway, even and especially in the Church. It is so important that we are mentoring up the next generation of leaders of the church: from Preachers, Youth Pastors, Music Pastors, elders to lay leader . . . whatever the role, we should take the time and maybe spend a little money training up these younger leaders so that when someone ‘retires’, or moves on, or is fired, or dies, or however they vacate the position, there is someone to take their place. So if your church isn’t mentoring people, they should get on it, if they are, keep it up.

How does your church or work place handle training up the next generation?


One thought on “Retiring

  1. […] as simple as a mentorship relationship between an expert and a newby (check out this blog here on mentorship.) It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money at all. However, any money spent on training and […]

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