“What does that make me?”

Awhile back I wrote a post about the line in “Everything Glorious” that says “You Make Everything Glorious, what does that make me?” As I’ve been studying about worship and God’s purpose behind worship, I came to a realization. God does glorify men sometimes, or lift up nations, or cause victory of a certain person, etc. The purpose is to bring glory to Himself. Multiple times in the Psalms the Psalmists write “for the purpose of Your Glory . . .” normally it’s followed by an action that God performs toward us. Perhaps salvation, or rescue, perhaps a lifting up of someone, but it always comes back to the glory of God. This is the reason that we exist, to give God praise, if it were not true then God would not have instituted action to bring Himself glory ever, and we would not see worship happening in heaven in the Book of Revelation. Whatever happens to us we need to bring the glory back to God. So if God makes “everything glorious,” and the answer to the question “what does that make me?” is “I am glorious” then that glory needs to point back to God and bring glory to God don’t you think?

This is an idea I’m really processing right now, it’s not really refined. Share your thoughts on this. Help me refine it, and the hope is to explore this idea together!


7 thoughts on ““What does that make me?”

  1. Jeff B says:

    I take it as a reference to Psalm 139:14 and not a whole lot more.

    • supermatt28 says:

      That line may be that for sure, but what I’m trying to dig at is the idea of God working in and through us for His own Glory.

  2. Karina says:

    Love love love it!!
    With my personality I do owe all my happiness and praise to God cause not alot of people can express it so easily.
    I find joy in helping others – also a gift from our heavenly father.
    If I were to hold on to all the good things in my life and hold myself solely responsible for them, than I would become resentful when my kind gestures were not returned. However! I know it is God’s Glory and not mine -“thy will be done”. And so I feel blessed to give away what he has already done for me – and for us all.
    Hope that makes sense lol I get so excited about talking about God’s glory in my life that my words jump all over the page hehe

    • supermatt28 says:

      That makes complete sense! I feel like one of the ways we bring glory to God is by the way we treat others. We may not feel as though it's worship, but when we are kind or serve others we bring glory to God and in that way it is worship, right?

      • Karina says:

        Right! Even in my darker days. God sends people to me that need to be enlightened. His word is always my best interest. And if I have to love thy god with all thy heart. I will. Then I must love thy neighbor as thyself. So no matter what- a kind gesture always goes a long way

  3. Melodee MacKinnon- Chapel Hill Bible Quizzing! says:

    How do we bring glory to God? When we are pointed back to him. So… the only way I can do that is to be REALLY close to him. After all, he created us for relationship AND to bring him glory. The relationship is the key, as the closer I am to Him, the more my thoughts, actions and desires are TOWARD him. How do I live in the spirit instead of my own soul or will? By acknowledging
    God’s presence though out the day. Every day. I am learning how to be more present with God. It is helping me to be more obedient, as I listen and act on his voice. This often involves waiting, which I am learning to do. So… our lives as worship are in close relationship with him, they are obedient and bring him glory …. cause it is ALL accomplished through him. Praise God for his presence and patience with us!

    • I would agree with you on all counts, except one. Acknowledging God is a good start, but it is not where we should end up. As a husband I can acknowledge the presence of my wife in my life, but if I do not submit myself to serve and love her and be the husband she wants me to be, then we are just a presence in ones life. The same with God and even more so we need to not only acknowledge Him in our life, but submit our will to Him daily, be obedient to His promptings and commands in our life, and trust that He will take care of us. If we can do these three things (submit, obey and trust) then we are truly ready to glorify God with our every day lives as well as our special times of worship both privately and corporately.

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