A Challenge

Here is just a short thought for those leading churches around the world. Worship leaders, I wish to address you first. We tend to be protective of our ministries and wish to run it our way. My challenge is this: collaborate. Bring in other pastors from your church to help you plan, especially the Sr. Pastor. In reality the Sr. Pastor is the “Chief Worship Leader” if you cut him out then you are undercutting his authority and making it harder for him to lead his church. Sr. Pastors you are next. Here is my challenge to you: teach on worship. As I mentioned above as the Sr. Pastor you are the “Chief Worship Leader.” This means you need to take the initiative to teach on worship. Collaborate with the Worship Pastor on this. Allow him to take part in this teaching series. And teach on worship often. Challenge the congregation to stretch their understanding of worship. The final challenge for Worship Pastors and Sr. Pastors is this: serve together in everything! You are on the same team, God’s team!


2 thoughts on “A Challenge

  1. Jeff says:

    Two quick thoughts: 1- from my experience and others’, one of the most important alignments is in the value system from which songs and other material are chosen. If this is misaligned between the senior and worship pastor, without a spirit of mutual education and edification, then disaster will result. 2- you might remember that not all Sr. or worship pastors are male, as in your challenge above 🙂

    • supermatt28 says:

      I did not intend to indicate that the Worship Leader must be a male, as to the Sr. Pastor, I believe that is another issue for another time.

      As to your first point: This is why collaboration is so important. If the Sr. Pastor and Worship Leader are not in agreement then they will know it quickly and hopefully have the maturity to seek God in helping them to work well together, or know that it’s time for one to move on. Hopefully however, the Sr. and Worship Pastor do work well together, and will be able to plan services that are both theologically sound and challenging, as well as musically pleasing and of high quality. The real point is that they are a team, and that worship is more than music, it’s about the heart. The hope is that Sr. and Worship Pastors will work together teach their congregations that worship is about the heart, and not about the style, or genre of worship.

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