Train to Worship

About a month ago I attended a class at Liberty University in VA. One of the last sessions was a ‘Q & A’ and a question was asked about tech people. Basically the student asked whether they should pay their tech people for all they do or just have volunteers. Answers were given part way. This got me thinking, mainly because I don’t like how churches, in general, either intentionally or not end up abusing volunteers (oops got of point there.) Anyway, I was thinking, what is the one thing that all volunteers appreciate and rarely get, especially in the tech area, is training. So here is the short of the long of it: get training for your Tech volunteers. If they are paid, well I hope they are already experts (although additional training is always a good thing.)

People’s service in the Church is part of their worship. Some of us do it through music, others through teaching Sunday school, others through drama, or dance, or other artistic expression. Still others do it by cleaning up the church property, or a thousand of other ways. As a part of worship we are commanded to give the best. Worship includes a sacrifice of service, so the best ‘sacrifice’ must be given. Because we don’t sacrifice bulls, and rams, and doves, and grain and wine and incense anymore on alters our sacrifice is our service. That sacrifice of service should be the best we have to offer. This means that without training it should still be the 100% best of who ever is doing it. If the person serving is given some training as well, then the sacrifice becomes even better. People need training to worship God through their service, especially when that service (as a tech person) will affect the way others worship as an untrained tech person will create distractions more often. In my opinion churches (especially smaller ones) try to skate by without training their tech crew, or their musicians, or their vocalists, or well anyone who might need it. This is bad. The training can be as simple as a mentorship relationship between an expert and a newby (check out this blog here on mentorship.) It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money at all. However, any money spent on training and mentorship in areas of worship and service is always worthwhile, in my opinion.

Share an experience where a trained or untrained person enhanced or distracted from worship (lets keep it light and anonymous.)


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