Is that worship?

Psalm 70

1 God! Please hurry to my rescue! God, come quickly to my side!2 Those who are out to get me-let them fall all over themselves. Those who relish my downfall-send them down a blind alley.3 Give them a taste of their own medicine, those gossips off clucking their tongues.

4 Let those on the hunt for you sing and celebrate. Let all who love your saving way say over and over, “God is mighty!”

5 But I’ve lost it. I’m wasted. God-quickly, quickly! Quick to my side, quick to my rescue! God, don’t lose a minute.

It dawned on me the other morning, when I was reading this, that all the Psalms (like 70) that ask God to deliver and rescue, the Psalms that ask God to punish their enemies, the entire thing is praise! It doesn’t seem like it would be. However, by asking God to do these things the Psalmist is acknowledging that God has the power to do it! That God has the power to rescue and deliver, or punish our enemies. The Psalmist is basically saying, “God I can’t do this, but I know you can, do it for me!”

Is this your mindset or do you feel shame when you can’t live your own life. God is our deliverer, our banner in battle, our salvation, our rock, our father. God is . . . If we live life, like we have to do it, and God is on standby then we’ve missed something. We need to live life, but the battles of life, all of them, not the big ones, but all of them should belong to God. Everyday we must surrender our lives (our will and our battles) to God, we must be obedient in this surrender everyday, and we must trust that God will lead us to safety and victory.

What is the hardest part of surrender, obedience, or trust for you?


3 thoughts on “Is that worship?

  1. Karina says:

    Good Point!!
    I have to admit, when I first read these passages, I thought it was a total contradiction to the NT. So it was easy to skim by it. Thinking ‘This is not thinking out of Perfect Love to think such things, so why should I take it in?”
    “Because it is all God’s Word – that’s why!! ”
    Thank you for making that clear to me in this blog. You are right, in pleading to him to bring your enemies down, you are acknowledging God’s power to do it. Wow! Awesome. Thank you so much for re-newing my perception! 🙂

    • supermatt28 says:

      I also had a hard time with the Psalms that are like that. The NT does command us to love our enemies. However, I think the brutal honesty of our prayers are more worshipful. Although I do believe that we should pray for God’s help to love our enemies now, as the command to love your enemy is not in the OT, so it is different. It’s complicated, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and how my blogs impact you Karina! Your responses have blessed me, as has your blog!

  2. Karina says:

    Awww thanks Matt 🙂 I love hearing your thoughts on God. I struggle sometimes with the literacy and the way people interpret it into their own manipulation. I find your thoughts very pure and refreshing- so Thank YOU 😉

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