Leading the Middle

Early on in my ministry at my last church, the Sr. Pastor there asked me to read a chapter out of a book called Courageous Leadership, this book is now a text-book for my current class at LU. I just finished reading that chapter again. The chapter is on self leadership. It talks about how a leader can lead in four directions. South, to those below them, North, to those above them, and East & West, to their peer group. However, the author says that a leader must lead in the middle, to self! The chapter gives a number of specifics and areas of self that we are required to lead ourselves in, in order to be a good leader. At the time I chose one area of my life to work on, and when I thought I had successfully done that I celebrated internally, and then, did nothing more. If I had taken the chapter to heart then, and worked harder, a great many difficulties in the past year and a half or so would have been avoided.

However, the great thing about mistakes is that you can learn from them, and God always has a plan to help and not harm, regardless what we do. So I am not getting a Grad degree, which to be honest is less about getting the degree and more about learning and disciplining myself to me. What I realized this time around is that self leadership is true for everyone, and is also true in worship. Sure we have that ‘one guy’ up front who asks us to stand, sit, clap, and sing along to the songs he is playing. That leader may be the ‘Worship Leader’ but if you don’t want to worship, you won’t. As a worshiper I must lead myself to worship in order to authentically worship. I am not saying that I don’t need the worship leader or anyone else to get me there, but there is always the choice we have, we can have a bad attitude, or critique every little thing about a worship gathering, or any other things in a long list that we choose to do instead of worship, or we can choose to worship, and in an act of self worship leading, worship truly and authentically. This act is even more difficult (but rewarding) in churches that are unfamiliar and have different worship styles then your own, but still the choice is yours! So I choose to be a self worship leader and choose to worship God with all that I am on Sunday morning and everyday!

What is your worship choice?


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