Evaluating Purpose

Every now and again I feel it’s necessary to re-evaluate, why I write a blog. If I am just trying to communicate raw data and information, I feel that I am missing the mark. When I started it was to have an outlet to communicate what I was learning, and partly as a devotional blog. Later it transitioned into a blog about youth ministry, life, and pop-culture. More recently, it has become more worship focused. Depending on how long you’ve followed the blog you’ve seen all these changes. So my current purpose is to explore the practical side of worship, the theoretical side of worship, and most importantly, the biblical and theological principles behind worship. None of the blogs I write are absolute. This is part of a discussion, that I want you the reader to take part in. If you agree with what I write, thats great, let me know. If you don’t understand what I am saying, or thinking, ask questions. If you don’t agree, well that may be the best thing ever, please share your thoughts with all of us so we can discuss and grow as a community of bloggers! Thanks for those that read. And I encourage those that read and don’t respond to do so, not for my sake, but for the sake of the community!


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