No Void

I am reading a book for my class on the Theology of Worship. The statement was made by the author “For human beings there can be no vacuum of non-worship . . . The error . . . is not the neglect of worship, but the exchange of worship” Noel Due in Create for Worship. The point that Due is making is that, if we are not worshiping the God Yahway, we are worshiping something else, and that worship is not correct. You may think that you are not worshiping anything, but in fact we all worship something. Money, iPods, celebrities, sports, sex, food, or maybe even ourselves. I can look at this list and admit that I have fallen into the trap of worshiping one or more of these at a time. The more aware I am that I am not worshiping God, the better I can combat worshiping something else, and refocus on worshiping the one true God. I’ll be the first to admit that more often then I should I worship incorrectly something I should not. However, with this knowledge I can refocus my worship back on God.

My challenge to the reader is to not be deceived into thinking you are worshiping nothing, if not God, but to realize that you are worshiping something. Don’t let shame and guilt keep you from worshiping God, seek forgiveness and redemption and refocus on worshiping God!


2 thoughts on “No Void

  1. Karina says:

    So true! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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