I have had a number of blog ideas since my last post, but have been busy. This post came to me last night:

This past week I was blessed by the fact that my parents visited from California. My family is pretty close so any time family visits or my wife and I get to visit I am excited. My parents got to check out the coffee shop and hang around there while I worked a few of the days. I introduced them to co-workers and friends that came through. A few times (a bit to my surprise) my friends and co-workers would say, “Oh! You look a lot like your Dad.” This was a nice surprise. Even a few times they would comment later, “you and you’re Dad are a lot alike.” I took this as a huge compliment. During their visit and the day since they’ve been gone, I have noticed that I am a lot like my father. Now I am my own person, while I am barista and worship leader, my father is a Mechanical Engineer who has worked in the aerospace industry for years! (I always brag he is a Rocket Scientist!) We picked different career paths, we have different interests, we are different people. However, I am a lot like my father, and I hope that I become more so. He is a humble servant, who never brags about himself, and gets embarrassed when others do. He loves his wife, and God and his family (not necessarily in that order). He takes care of himself spiritually and physically. I know my father is not perfect, but really, I am very blessed to have him as a role-model, and I hope that I become more like him.

My earthly father is a great role-model! My heavenly Father, is the perfect role-model! He is wise, kind, loving, righteous, creative, powerful, glorious, gracious . . .the list can go on. My heavenly Father is someone I also want to be like. Everyday I try to be more like the man who He has created me to be, conforming to the likeness of Christ in order to model a life that God would approve of! In order to honor my heavenly father, just as I hope my life honors my earthly father. Most people don’t give too much stalk in their name anymore. My father is an Anderson, we can trace our heritage back to Scotland (as well as many other places). We have a family crest, and being Scottish a tartan kilt pattern. I believe that the way you live your life reflects on your heritage. In the same way; the way we live our life either brings glory to God, or it does not.


2 thoughts on “Mimic

  1. Karina says:

    That was so refreshing –
    Favourite quote:
    “My earthly father is a great role-model! My heavenly Father, is the perfect role-model”
    Hope you continue to have a wonderful time with your family 🙂

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