Not Worthy

So the more and more I study worship, it’s techniques, the ‘Biblical’ way to do it, so on and so forth. I am realizing one thing is really and true of worship. It doesn’t matter what denomination, age, style preference, background, or anything; this one thing is true: I am not worthy to worship God, much less lead others in the worship of God! The consequence of this is really that this is universally true for everyone. However, I want to focus on me. I am a sinner, I sin everyday, whether I know it, or admit it, or it gets seen by others, this is the truth. I sin, this means that I can’t worship God. My goal is the be a worship leader, the best that I can be, not so I can brag, but so God gets the glory. But I am a sinner, so I can’t be a worship leader . . . really at all. I can pretend to be one. I may play and sing beautiful tunes, with great theological truths and life changing effects, but I am not a worship leader. I never will be. I may be labeled a worship leader, I may even be given that title someday by a church or organization. But I am not. I cannot truly lead you or anyone else before the throne of God. Why? One word: SIN!

The good news is that because I have a relationship with Jesus Christ, salvation has been bestowed upon me, sanctification given and is being worked out, and holiness imputed to me through Christ, my actions that were in vain without Christ are not. I am not a worship leader, but Christ is. The Holy Spirit that lives and works in me directs my feeble efforts to and into Christ (along with everyone else’s) and Christ than purifies them and presents them to the father for us! Hallelujah! Our Triune God is so awesome. His grace makes His requirements possible. As one of my professors likes to say “The grace of God is that He gives us what He requires of us.”


4 thoughts on “Not Worthy

  1. Karina says:

    Fantastic! Now THAT is a humbled servant of God! Your relationship seems to be growing quite quickly now 🙂 Good to see Matt

  2. good stuff, thanks for posting

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