As time goes on . . .

I’ve been blogging since I was in college (the first time) probably late 2004, back then it was on MySpace. Wait what? What’s myspace. Yea I wasn’t very legit. My focus was youth culture and youth ministries back then. Over time my blogging transitioned from MySpace to Blogger, to WordPress, where we are now. In addition, my subjects changed. I stuck with youth thing for a long time. Occasionally writing on other subjects. More recently, I have made the transition into focusing on worship. This subject came up a lot when I wrote in the youth realm, but now it is my main focus. I may sometimes stray, and share other thoughts. To me however, everything comes back to worship. We all do it, every single human worships. Not all of us do it right. (gasp!) I don’t mean that my way to worship is right, what I mean is that some of us worship celebrities, sports, ourselves, sex, idols, other gods, or perhaps the one true God. We all worship . . . the right worship is the worship of Yahwah! Creator of our universe and all in it. This is why I focus on worship, it really impacts everyone, whether they know it or not. My philosophy is that the Bible (which is the most important text we have on God) reveals to us more who God is AND how we are to worship Him correctly. The more we know about God the more truly we can worship Him. I don’t know all the latest forms, and ideas on worship. I don’t know which is the best. What I do know, is that I worship, and you worship. I just want us to worship God, the way He wants to be. “In spirit and in truth.” I hope you’ll help me figure it out, or read as I stumble upon new truths in worship. This post is really a long, long thank you. Thanks! All of you that read, whether I know you personally, or we met through the blogosphere. Thank you so much for reading, and especially for participating in the conversation on worship. Please share your thoughts on my thoughts. Together maybe we can help each other worship more correctly!

All for the glory of the One true holy and awesome God!


2 thoughts on “As time goes on . . .

  1. Karina says:

    1) “We all worship . . . the right worship is the worship of Yahwah!”
    – AMEN TO THAT!!! 😀

    2) I just want us to worship God, the way He wants to be. “In spirit and in truth.”
    – Great statement. I understand worship to be a place of sanctification. To be in truth is to understand you are baring sin. To be in spirit is to know that I AM is the only one who can save us from this physical condition. Who was and is to come – To Believe!!

    Faith without works is dead (probably one of my favourite biblical statements). What does your daily actions say about your walk of faith? Do you worship God in a way that is always thinking of him or – yourself?
    Worship is such a large part of faith. I love to throw my hands up in the air at my local Church service and feel the spirit of truth in the room. But I also know that without a daily belief that I am nothing without he who made me – Self will runs riot and my life feels unfulfilled and meaningless.

    Discipline = freedom!!

    Wow – it feels good to talk about worship haha 😀

    • supermatt28 says:

      It does feel good! Especially when we know there is freedom in worship! Freedom in Christ and the Holy Spirit! When I am able to worship God authentically I almost always feel free! Sometimes I do feel convicted or weak, but all of that is of the Spirit and in it’s way honoring to God and then we return to freedom!

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