Well Thanksgiving is behind us, we’re all eating our leftovers, or have already eaten them all. Our attention begins to now turn to Christmas. I have shocked numerous people by saying, “I hate Christmas.” Most people wonder why I would hate such a ‘joyous’ season of giving and receiving, Christians wonder how I can hate the time of year we remember and celebrate the coming of the Christ. I choose the words carefully to get attention and start a conversation. I really hate the over-commercialization of the season, ‘Black Friday’ the excess that happens, deals, sales, Santa Claus and anything that really doesnt’ have anything to really do with Christ. I really hold the holiday of Christmas in such reverence that I am disgusted that ‘the season’ kicks of with Black Friday. I also despise any Christmas song that has nothing to do with Christ, which I get hammered for sometimes. The short of the long of it is, Christmas should be such a reverent and holy time, and often even we Christians get lost in the ‘festivities’.

All that being said, yesterday my wife, Amy, and I went to cut

down our Christmas tree, this was the first time I had ever cut down a tree for us or ever. I went with my family as a child to do this of course, but never for my wife and I. My wife and I then proceeded to set-up the tree and decorate and light it. My wife (with a giant smile) on her face decorated our apartment with Christmas decorations, she has a good eye for this kind of thing. When she was done she stood in the middle of our living area, with a giant smile on her face, and exclaimed how cute the place looked! I could only really look at her and agree. Why tell you all of this? Because of Romans 12:1, here Paul commands us to pour our lives out as a ‘drink offering’ as a way of worship. We are to serve as a part of our worship. If I was single, or didn’t love my wife as much, I would not have gone to any trouble to get a tree in this way. However, I wanted her to be happy, and to serve her in this way. In doing so I offered myself as a ‘drink offering’ before God by serving my wife.

My challenge to you is to find a way to serve others during this season. Worship God, and honor Christ, by doing this. Don’t care about what you get, or who does what for you, what deals you get at the store, or the perfect parking spot. Concern yourself with how you can serve others this Christmas. If Christmas is all about Christ, and Christ served us, then we should honor Him by doing the same!


2 thoughts on “Preparation

  1. Karina says:

    That was really beautiful. Looks like the christmas spirit is upon you Matt whether you like it or not 😉
    I don’t pay attention to the decorations or gifts either. What I do see within this season is the ‘xmas cheer’ that your wife Amy had. It’s the time when you have an extra special love and joy in your heart.
    My partner and I plan to head back home for 3 weeks at christmas – it’s a time set aside to spend with loved ones! who could not love that!
    I celebrate christ every day, christmas is a world wide peace and remembrance of Love. Even if people don’t understand why they are celebrating – I know one day they will.
    Merry Christmas Matt and Amy.

    • supermatt28 says:

      Thanks Karina!, I hope that your Christmas is wonderful and that your time of rest and with family is wonderful! I love getting together with my family it’s always so much fun! And restful, and loving! God Bless!

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