The Little Drummer Boy

I mentioned in my last blog that I am not a big fan of the Christmas season. I love Christmas and what it stands for. This year I have actually been listening to more Christmas music than I normally do, and a song, quiet unexpectedly, struck me as quiet profound. This song is: The Little Drummer Boy! I’m linking the lyrics so I don’t have to post them all. What struck me as profound is what it actually communicates about worship. I don’t think most people, if anyone, actually thinks about what Christmas songs communicate about worship, but for some reason I was when I heard this song. The premise of the song is that this poor little boy is invited to join the Magi to see the Lord on the night He was born. The Magi offer Christ rich gifts that would be offered to a king. The poor little boy has nothing but a drum, and so the boy offers a song on his drum to Jesus. The Carol expresses that Jesus enjoys and approves of the song through a simple smile. Why is this so profound? It communicates that it isn’t the cost of the gift, it isn’t the extravagance of what is offered, but it is the sincerity, authenticity, and heart of the one offering the gift of worship to Christ.

Often in our churches today those that fill the seats or pews see those that serve upfront, or in more ‘public’ ways are those offering the best ‘gifts of praise.’ However, the most talented of worship leaders, and speakers can have a jaded heart, or a prideful soul as they present their offering. If you don’t have the gifts, or calling to be an upfront worshiper, if you can’t do musical offerings, or speak profound words do not fret. You are the modern day equivalent to the drummer boy. You have something to offer. Something that may be even more profoundly important than all of the elements that make a church run on a Sunday morning. Search your heart for what you can and want to offer to God as an act of worship through service and offering and give it. The same smile of approval that the baby Jesus gives the drummer boy will undoubtadly be given to you as well.

Merry Christmas!


4 thoughts on “The Little Drummer Boy

  1. Karina says:

    You know what? I had no idea what the little drummer boy was about til now haha..
    I would of learnt that song in year 1 or 2 and continued to be able to sing it every christmas carol but attached no meaning to it … So insightful. Thanks Matt!! You’ve just given me some christmas conversation for my non (yet) christian family 😉

  2. yea I never really paid much attention to the song before now, it kind of annoyed me until this year! I’m glad I’ve inspired some conversation with your pre-christian family, I hope they go well, and I’ll be praying for you in that area!

  3. Timothy Rous says:

    Hey there. Mainly needed to write a brief remark and inform you you that I positively agree with your particular posting. Completely spot on.

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