A few weekends ago I was sitting in a worship service enjoying singing worship songs and Christmas carols with my fellow Christians at the church I attend. Now this church is not a large church by any means. It can’t afford to have the best technology, the sleekest auditorium, and the best trained volunteers. What makes this church wonderful is the people! Many of the people that attend this church feel called to be a part of it, they weren’t attracted to it because of it’s smooth presentation and state of the art facility, they were attracted to this church because they felt God was doing something there, and that they were called to be a part of it. Well on this particular Sunday morning a video was to be shown. I have always lamented the fact that changing from PowerPoint, to video was not as smooth as it could be, but the church just doesn’t own the tech. On this Sunday there was about a minute of awkward shuffling and panic from the computer/video tech guy as he attempted to sort out the issue. I patiently waited with most of the congregation for things to sort out, as they always do. I was shocked and saddened to hear the gentleman sitting right behind me say, “Oh what a surprise technical difficulties!”

I am well aware that technology and the ‘seeker sensitive’ movement has created a mass of Christians who are consumerist in their thought toward church. I am not condemning the seeker sensitive movement it did some good stuff. What I am ashamed of as a Christian and worshiper of God is the consumerist attitude many Christians have. Despite all of this, I was surprised that someone with this attitude, someone who expected everything to go off without a hitch and as smooth as a hollywood production was sitting in our church that morning. What surprised and shocked me and saddened me the most was that this person was a long time member of the church, and a person that appeared upfront on numerous occasions to give announcements and pray. At that moment I wanted to turn around and confront the gentleman, and rebuke him for his attitude and try to correct his thought process. However, I did not in that moment, because I also became angry at this gentleman for his attitude. I never did get a chance to talk to this gentleman, which I regret.

However, it got me thinking. What is most peoples focus in worship? Do they focus on the quality of the music and production? Do they focus on whether they feel their needs are being met? Or do they focus on the worship of God and the revelation of God to us through His written Word? I am the first to admit that my focus is not always as it should be. I do get lost in some of the trivial details of church sometimes. However, the Church I attend normally does a great job in their music and video production, and more importantly they always do a great job of focusing on God, and not themselves.

My question is: What do you focus on in church? Is it what you can get out of it? Or is it how you can serve and worship God best?


2 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Karina says:

    I’m conflicted… The church I attend now (since moving further south) has impeccable sound and entertainment. They have a good 50 volunteers who are professionals in IT and sound. It’s like another level of worship!
    However, I can fully understand the other side because I started at a church which was small and had very little in the way of music or ‘visual’ tech and it can be obvious when things don’t go smoothly.
    I do my best to focus on god but either way you can find distractions. If its in the small church – its the low budget. If its in a big church – its the over use of screens and being entertained rather than focusing on the power of God.
    Human nature lol… God loves us either way. I’d say he is just glad we are at church getting fed his word. Even if we get distracted of dismissive.
    I would say you can best serve God by loving your fellow church brother and forgive him for his transgression 🙂

    • supermatt28 says:

      Yes, there are always distractions regardless of church size, location, denomination, and technology use. In hindsight I allowed the gentleman behind me to distract me from fully worshiping God that morning. The best we can do is try harder to worship more purely in the future! And I agree that the best way to do that is to forgive and move on!

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