Worship Confession

Christians do not like to confess short comings . . . I guess we think it destroys the image of God or Jesus, or probably more realistically it’s not about that it’s about us. The confession I need to make I am happy to make. Here it is: I have trouble worshiping authentically in corporate settings. In my living room I am free to pour out my heart and soul, put me upfront as the worship guide (I decided I like this term better than worship leader, because Christ is the real worship leader) and I can also worship authentically. However, in the congregation I tend to sing quieter, and be more reserved in my worship. I like to tell myself that it’s so I don’t distract others from worship, but it’s really because I’m self-conscious about my singing amongst the congregation. It seems silly really. If I guide (or lead) and people hear my singing in this way, it doesn’t make sense to be self-conscious without the microphone. I can’t really explain it. The reality is that we all need to worship authentically in the congregation in order to edify and uplift those around us. More importantly, because we are commanded to sing in the congregation, and we have examples of Christ singing in the congregation (Psalm 22:22). I need to do this, and I pray and hope that you, my readers will strive to do this as well.


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