The Worship War!

Dr. Vernon Whaley writes about the different worship wars that take place in the Bible in his book Called to Worship. He highlights three specific worship wars in his book, the war between Satan and God, the war between Satan and man and the war between Satan and Jesus. As you can see Satan is a primary participant in these wars. Personally I don’t see these as wars, but more as battles in an ongoing war. In most wars there are two sides, factions or nations (at the minimum) participating. Some might argue that in the worship war we have Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, New Age, etc. all fighting in the war. However, if you are not worshiping God you are practicing Idolatry and as Noel Due points out in Created for Worship, Idols represent demonic power (page 223). We know from the Bible that the demons followed Satan in rebellion against God. All this to say that the main players in the Worship Wars are Yahwah, our Lord God ALmighty, creator, and sender of Christ our Savior! and Satan, the Enemy, the Deceiver. Due also states, “There is indeed no vacuum of non-worship …” (page 230). In simple terms every human being worships, the question is are they worshiping God? Or are they worshiping the enemy.

Most people are unaware that the worship war is ongoing, we either are or choose to be ignorant of this fact. What makes matters worse is that churches have begun a ‘Civil Worship War’. If this ‘Civil War’ is allowed to continue we (as a Church) are allowing Satan to win. I am going to spend my next few blogs unpacking the previous battles in this war, and even discuss what misperceptions people have that have caused this ‘Civil War’.

Which side are you on?


6 thoughts on “The Worship War!

  1. How is Due drawing the conclusion that “every human being worships”? If one does not believe in God, Satan, or Idols, how does he propose that they are still practicing Idolatry?

    • supermatt28 says:

      There are Scriptural references that support the notion that everyone worships, mainly in the book of Revelation and the Psalms (Psalm 22:27; 86:9 & Revelation 7:9). Regardless of belief system or lack thereof people do worship. The definition of worship, however, has become so narrow that people are not really aware of it. In many cases people are unwittingly worshiping themselves. Matt you may have actually brought up the point or idea that I need to more thoroughly define what worship is! I will try and write a blog as an addendum to this last post expounding on what true worship is and what it encompasses. I hope this helps to clarify a little, and I’m excited you are taking part in this conversation!

  2. Karina says:

    GOD ALMIGHTY’s side!!!!!! Always, forever and ever!!!
    Looking forward to hearing more about this. It’s always nice to be reminded of the spiritual war of good and evil. Makes you stand tall 🙂

  3. A really intriguing theory. Have you got a lot more quarrels? Work with, it’ll be a great website later on

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