Working Definition

In my last post I began to talk about the worship wars. A friend of mine challenged the idea that everyone worships. I believe that is because the definition of worship has become so narrow. In my experience when you ask people what worship is they define it along these lines: “Singing songs to God.” Well they got a small portion of the definition there. The word that is translated most into worship is the Greek word proskynein. This word roughly translates into bowing down or prostrating oneself before someone or something. In the biblical sense it is more given to the idea that this is the attitude of the heart, as well as an acceptable worship position. In the Old Testament if you were to dedicate yourself to the worship of a God or set of gods you dedicated your life to their service. Everything you did in your day to day life was to serve them in some capacity. This should still be true to today. This is why I claim (as Noel Due also wrote) that all people worship. Some worship God, others serve other gods. More often than not people are serving themselves, making money, and trying to get ahead for themselves. This means that more often than not people are worshiping who? Themselves, and by proxy (because of a simply devious and evil deception by The Deciever himself Satan) they are worshiping the Satan.

For the remainder of the “Worship War” series that I write I am going to be working from this definition of worship: Worship is the life consuming and life long service to a person, persons, or deity. It can include the way life is lived, how one treats those he meets, the attitude they have in work, prayers, reading of scriptures, serving, bowing down, and singing of songs among other things. Keep in mind that although I attempted to be thorough in my definition that it is still limiting as well as not the best definition of worship. I would appreciate additions to my definitions in the comment section.

How do you best worship?


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