The Worship War: Battle of Heaven

“The Battle of Heaven” really is where the Worship War begins. The three major battles that we will look at have one player in common, Satan. The war is between God and Satan. The Bible tells us that Lucifer was an angel, specifically a Cherubim (Ezekial 28:14), basically Satan started on the same side as God. However, in his pride at being the Archangel of God he decided to set himself up over God (Isaiah 14). Despite the fact that Satan was created by God as a being of free-will and great wisdom and power and position in heaven, it wasn’t enough. As Dr. Whaley puts it, “Though God had created the angels to serve Him, Satan coveted their service – and worship – for himself. he wanted not only to rule over the angels, but the whole universe”. (Whaley 2009, page 28-29) Ezekial 28:17 says that Satan allowed his ‘splendor’ to corrupt his wisdom.

Although it may have appeared that Satan had taken the throne of God from Him, Satan was tossed out of heaven. Revelation 12:4 tells us that ‘the dragon’ or Satan took a third of the angels with him from heaven (aka demons). Although God won this first battle decisively the cost was great, and even the earth was handed over to Satan along with a third of the angels. Lets be honest about this then. If we are worshipers of God we are stuck in the land of Satan, C.S. Lewis very bluntly stated we are behind enemy lines in Mere Christianity. If we do not worship God, well we are on the loosing side, but are in our own territory. Why is this opening battle important? Well man lives in Satan’s “Kingdom”, we are fighting this war whether we know it or not. This battle sets up the rest of the war, the rest of existence and informs and leads into the second battle: “The Battle of Eden.”

We will look into the Battle of Eden next week. 


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