Separation of Church FROM THE State

I feel I must take a break from the Worship War series to write this:

Earlier this week the governor of WA approved the rights for gays to marry. I’m sure a great many of Christians and Evangelicals are outraged, or upset, or possible apathetic to this decision? They may see it as part of the continual degradation of our culture and government into moral decay. I believe I take a unique stance in this particular area. I disagree with what took place theologically, however philosophically I agree with the decision. How is this possible you may ask? Well I am a true free churcher. Most people, especially Christians, don’t realize that the USA was founded on religious freedom. “Thats crazy of course we know that.” What most of you believe is that we wanted freedom from the religious powers of England or France or Spain, or whoever. That was true initially. However, our Founding Fathers were wise enough to realize, that they couldn’t allow the State to run the Church, or vice versa. They couldn’t allow our fledgling nation to fall into the trap that so many old world nations/churches had fallen into.

If you are a true free churcher, and truly  believe in freedom of religion then you will philosophically, nay you must philosophically believe that WA state has made the right choice. It is not for the Church, or the state to dictate moral law onto it’s people. Yes the state must maintain civil order and protect it’s citizens, but to deny the right to religious freedom is outside of the states jurisdiction. We Christians may disagree theologically with the states decision and we should from this angle. However, I must ask the question, who’s fault is it that our nation, our state has come to this? It’s the Church’s! For too long we have squabbled inside our own walls over song style, trivial theological nuances or carpet color, while the world has longed for someone to tell them the truth. And in our absence they made up there own and now here we are.

So Christian, don’t be angry at the state for doing it’s job, thats not fair, thats like being angry at a bar tender for cutting you off when you’ve already had one too many (which is illegal in WA state btw). Christian be angry that you sat comfortably in your padded chair on a Sunday morning but didn’t apply that message on evangelism. Be angry with yourself that you didn’t talk to your neighbor about Christ. Be angry with yourself that you held signs that said “Fags go to hell.” That is why we are where we are today. Now I know that you, my reader may not be any of these people. However, there are those that have done these things, and unfortunately a vast majority of Christians fall into these areas.

What are we to do now? Love the world, tell them lovingly about the Son of God who has come from heaven to earth and lived and died for your sins and for their sins. Tell them of the great love of God that allowed for their sins to be removed. Tell them how Christ is risen, and loves them despite their sin. Remember to do it in love. For as 1 Corinthians 13 (read the entire chapter) tells us if we do great things in the name of God without love it is for naught.

You may disagree with me, and that if fine. I am more than ready to admit that this is my humble, but forceful opinion. Tell me your thoughts, I want to know so that I can learn and grow from your wisdom as I hope you learn and grow from my feeble attempts at wisdom.

How are you impacting your world?


2 thoughts on “Separation of Church FROM THE State

  1. Tyler Platt says:

    what is a “free churcher” ?

    • supermatt28 says:

      The answer in this case is more complicated then it might seem. What I mean in this case is someone that believes that an organized religion should not run or be run by the government. This was the case in many European nations after the reformation, including Germany, France and England. Basically it is someone that believes all people are free to believe as they wish without interference from the government. It also speaks to a Christians belief in the free-will God gave us. I hope that clarifies it a little.

      Additionally, the Free Church is the group of denominations that do not hold to a strict liturgy, like the Catholics, Lutherans and Episcopals, to name a few, do.

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