The Worship War: Battle for Salvation II

In the last post we looked at the temptation of Christ by satan. This is an important event in the life and ministry of Christ. While I did not do the event justice in my treatise of the events and it’s ramifications, there are two important points to focus on from this event. First, Christ, like us was tempted, there is no evidence that he was ever tempted again, but I would be surprised if this was the only time he was, the point of putting these instances down is to show that in this way Christ can identify with our condition here, and is proven to still be sinless. Theologians have called Christ the ‘Second Adam’. From the events of Christ’s temptation we are also shown that this Second Adam succeeded in thwarting the plot of Satan where the first Adam (and Eve) could not. Christ’s resistence to temptation and sin allow for the work salvation (justification, regeneration, redemption and sanctification) all to be possible.

There is however, a second event that occurs that completes the process. The four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) all contain the ‘Passion’ story. This is the narrative of Christ’s trial and execution via crucifixion. During the last Passover Supper, which occurs just before these events, Christ re-interprets the elements of the Passover meal through the lens of this crucifixion. In effect he states, that his broken body (like the bread) and the spilt blood (represented by the wine) designate a new covenant between man and God. A covenant that was not bound by law or religion but by a relationship with our God!

The reason I consider this a war is because of the events that occur in the Garden of Gethsemane before Jesus is arrested. Here he prays and pleads with God the Father to make another way. There is no Biblical support for what I am about to say but, it could be that Satan again is tempting Christ to bail out of God’s ultimate plan. Christ ultimately ends by praying, “not my will, but Your (God’s) will be done.” The innocent death of Christ is a parallel to the sacrifice of animals in the Jewish temple. The blood was to wash away the sins of the offerer. When Christ offered up his life, willingly, his blood washed away our sins, once and for all. We do not need to kill animals as sacrifices to God anymore. Instead our lives become our offering.

The final nail in the coffin of sin, is the resurrection of Christ. The act of bringing salvation to the world concludes when Christ raises from the dead, conquering death. Through the act of his death and resurrection, Christ first offered his life for ours, covering our sin, with his sinless life, then with his resurrection, he conquered death taking away it’s final sting, for those that would put faith in God through Christ Jesus. Satan is ultimately defeated through these acts. Satan knows it, and is desperate to take as many souls as he can with him into his defeat.

Perhaps the most famous verse out of the Bible is John 3:16 the discussion leading up to this is about salvation. Christ says, that one must be born again, not of flesh, but of water and spirit. In the final album released by David Crowder*Band they have a song called ‘Oh My God’, in this song there is a line that says, “Born all over again, death will lose and we will win.” This is a true statement, but only if you choose the right side. Only if you choose to worship the right God. As I stated in my first post, you either worship God the Father, or you worship Satan the deceiver. God is not going to force you to worship Him, he grants you free-will to choose for yourself. The choice is yours.

Who will you decide to worship?


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