Alrighty, time for the third installment of my dream CCLI 25 songs. This time around I am going to be talking about Glorious by Paul Baloche. Baloche is such a wonderful guy. I’ve been able to see him teach and share his heart three times and this man just shines the love of God. He desires to pass on what he has learned through experience to those of us that don’t have as much experience to learn from.

On to the song. This song has a nice little intro tag that is so memorable, and it comes around to some ‘Ohs’ later on, you can’t help but singing. A few lines that make this song a must for me. Let’s start with the first line:

“Look inside the mystery

See the empty cross”

Ok so it was the first two lines. Sometimes Christianity seems to be about having all the answers, and understanding everything of God and Christ. This isn’t what our faith is really about. There is a mystery to our faith, Paul references the mystery of our faith a number of times in his letters. This mystery is what makes our faith exciting and helps, me at least, to keep on the journey. I want to discover the mystery that is our faith. The fact that it is coupled with the idea of the empty cross grabs me. I understand how we receive salvation through Christ’s sacrifice, but I don’t really understand it. This empty cross, the empty tomb, it is part of this mystery. Ok, lets look at some other lines:

“Glorious, my eyes have seen the glory of the Lord”

My last post talks about the glory of the Lord and this line, the first in the chorus, proclaims God’s glory. It continues to say that we have seen this glory! How can this be? Well if you have eyes you have seen the beauty of a forest, a snow capped mountain, the sun shimmering off the ocean, clouds stream across the sky. If you have ears you’ve heard the chirping of birds, the sound of the wind through the trees, the flow of a stream or river, the giggle of a baby. If you have taste buds you’ve tasted the sweetness of fruit, the complexity of coffee, and the fullness or beer (ok probably the first one for sure, and the others maybe). The point is, all of this demonstrates God’s glory because he created it all. God’s glory is all around us. Especially in the life of a human, perhaps especially a baby. We may have also glimpsed God’s glory in other ways, in special ways, heard Him speak to us, seen his miracles, felt His spirit.

I’m going to leave it at those two lines, mainly because I have written so much already, however, there are a number of other lines and words that make this song worthy. Baloche is an honest and amazing lyricist and composer.



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