Coming Soon . . .

Hello faithful readers . . . those that are still around. Well I have been super busy over the last few months. I intended to finish my series and then give an update on life, but that isn’t happening right now. I will finish the CCLI series, but for now, the reason while I have been MIA. Back in August I graduated from Liberty University, with my Masters of Arts in Worship Studies in Leadership. Since then I have been working two jobs, and volunteering in two positions at my church. Needless to say, my motivation to write has been lacking.

While all this has been going on my wife found out that she is pregnant! So coming in late May is an addition to our family of 2 making us a family of 3! We are both extremely excited, and extremely nervous about becoming parents. As of now I am working in a coffee bar here in the Seattle area, and at one of the local Apple Store Retail locations. During Christmas life is nuts between the two jobs. My hope is that in the new year I will be able to write more often. And interact with my readership more often. I look forward to interacting with you all, and sharing my thoughts with you in 2013.


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