After All (Holy)

Here we are once again, taking a look at a song for my “Dream CCLI 25.” This time around we are looking at probably my favorite song on this list, which is saying something, because I love all the songs I picked. I actually responded to an e-mail from the worship leader at our church asking about new song ideas, and this one I did quite a bit of talking on this song. Firstly, this song, like most songs, can be broken down into a simple chord structure that is easily reproduced. However, it also has a complexity if you intend to duplicate the sound and layers of the song. So it’s a simply complex song, which is indicative of many Crowder songs. The most important part of this song is the lyrical content. This song does two things. It communicates our reaction and perception of God. However, it does this in a grand, clear and honest way. Let’s look at the lyrics:

“I can’t comprehend your infinite beautiful and perfect love,

Oh I’ve dreamed dreams of majesty as brilliant as a billion stars

But it’s never bright enough”

This is the first verse, the second verse is similar:

“I will sing a song for you my God with everything I have in me,

But it’s never loud enough”

What do these lyrics communicate? That our worship, our efforts to glorify God are never enough, I hesitate to say they are never good enough, because it sounds so negative but it’s true. The Bible says that even our best offerings are like filthy rags when compared to God’s holiness and glory. This is the way we should perceive God, as so far above us, so much holier and glorious than us that we cannot worship him perfectly or sufficiently yet. However, this does not mean we should not worship God, “After all” He is “Holy.”

The chorus of this song repeats over and again that God is Holy. This is the second  aspect of the song, not only does it present a human perception of the truth of God. It presents the reality of who God is, holy! This is why we need to worship God.

The bridge of the song declares that God’s glory is everywhere, that it is much to big for us as well. “My soul it overflows, full of Your glory, Your Glory.” And finally ends with a praise to God for his salvation saying, “Hosanna we are found for after all, You are Holy.” This line simply puts the reality of what God through Christ which is gained through the power of the Holy Spirit has done for us. A perfectly holy God that reached down and saved us, he found us while we were lost. Praise the Lord!

I feel like many worship leaders would not want to use this song because of the verses, how they communicate our deficiency to be able to worship God sufficiently. This perception could be very wrong, but if it’s not, then I encourage them to take a risk and use this song. The chorus is so memorable and easy to learn (after you drop the key a bit) and there is so much truth and ways to worship God with this song, that it must be used!


Rooted 7/15 – The Return of Peru

So tonight at Rooted we had the Jr. Higher come over to the HS ministry to hear from some of the Peru team. I was initially going to teach for Jr. High, but Guy (the Jr. High point man) decided it would be beneficial for them to hear about the Peru experience. I asked Dakota, one of our students, and Gail, one of our leaders. To share what they learned from the experience. I thought they both did very good, I had prepared a short follow up message that would connect in a way, but ended up not doing it, because what the two shared was good enough, and Amy also did a good wrap up herself. I asked Brennan and Tracy (two other Peru members) to pick out 1 song each for worship that night, as they were on the worship team tonight. We did Open the Eyes of my Heart (by Paul Baloche) and Indescribable (written by Laura Story and made famous by Chris Tomlin) at their request. I added I Will Go (by Starfield) and Make a Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be Silent (Terry Butler/David Crowder). All the songs went well except Make  Joyful Noise, I’m pretty sure I messed it up. Over all I thought it was a good night. We finished by breaking into groups and sharing the moments we were most grateful for and least grateful for from the past week. Which was really cool I thought to hear where students are at, and their ups and downs with God and each other.

Afterward the Platt’s (similar too, but no the same as the Platt’s I wrote about last night, these are relatives of those) invited the youth group over to their house to swim and eat. Amy and I went as well, it was great to hang out with students, and re-connect with the Peru Team students! We have such a great group, that wants to be Rooted in the word of God, as well as in invest in each other in such a deep way. To be honest I would rather have a small group of 30 like this that really love God and each other, and others, than a huge 100 or bigger group any day! So here’s to you Rooted students!!!